What I Learned Tent Camping for the First Time with My Hubby | A Kase of Love no. 14

This fall, my husband Michael and I went tent camping for the first time together. We’re actually both pretty outdoorsy, but I hadn’t tent camped since my freshman year of high school (and that was part of a backpacking trip) and he hadn’t camped much lately either… so when a few of our family members got us our tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats off our wedding registry (yay!) we decided we HAD to make a little trip this fall. It was the perfect little weekend getaway in the middle of busy season in my photography business.

So here are a few thoughts I had and things I learned along the way:

  • We probably should have tried setting up our tent at home… y’know, to make sure it actually works.
  • I hope we can make it to check-in by 10pm, because we got a late start…
  • Okay, we’ve made it. In the dark.
  • Now to set up a tent, in the dark, that we’ve never set up before…
  • iPhone flashlights don’t work well for illuminating the space for setting up a tent. Solution: leave the car light on :)
  • We’ve got this. It’s working! It stands up!
  • It’s freezing outside. It gets chilly in the fall when the sun goes down…
  • Phew, we actually have all of the pieces for the tent. And it really wasn’t that hard!
  • Okay, now we need a place to sleep. And food? Um, how about we have smores for dinner?
  • SMORES. One of my favorite things ever. I mean, really, chocolate is my favorite thing ever. :)
  • We actually have about the same amount of room in our double sleeping bag than we do in our bed at home. Huh, interesting. #KingBedsDoNotFitInApartments
  • I woke up in the morning squishing Michael to one side of the tent. That’s when we found out we had placed the tent on a slight slant. How wonderful. (Michael wants me to confess that this happens even when there isn’t a slant… not sure about that)
  • And that’s when we also realized that thin sleeping pads are not the same as a mattress. As my aching back clearly was telling me.
  • I think this is the first time I’ve done anything outdoors and haven’t noticed any mosquitoes. #NoMosquitoeBitesForTheWin
  • Why is it the end of September and still over 80 degrees?
  • I love my new husband. I really get to spend the rest of my life with him??
  • Kayaking was so fun. Last time we went, it poured down raining on us half way through our trip. So I think this trip was a bigger success. :)
  • We picked the perfect campground. It’s only 15 minutes away from a coffee shop. Win. Coffee dates with my hubby are the best.
  • That was the best weekend. When can we do it again?
  • It feels SO GOOD to shower after 3 days.
  • That was the best weekend ever.

Michael, I can’t wait for our next adventure :)



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