My Heart Behind What I Do

Before I even photographed my first wedding, I wrote a few things down in a journal I kept (when I actually used to journal, :)). The first few pages I wrote was all about how I wanted people to be served really, really well through my photography business (well, the business I dreamt of in my mind, because I hadn’t even photographed a wedding yet!). That is something that is still so true to this day. With every couple that comes my way, I want them to feel overwhelmingly valued, served for, and loved throughout their entire wedding experience. This includes everything from helping with timelines to being fully present and ready to serve the day of their wedding.

Since I was young, I have always had a huge desire to serve people and gift them something special. At the time, it was my drawings and paintings that allowed me to give to others. But when I started photographing weddings, my business quickly became the avenue for me to serve others. This is why I love having the ability to photograph weddings. There’s something incredibly special about documenting such a big day, and then being able to share it with the couple and all their friends and family.

I also believe that past the pretty details of a wedding (which are still incredibly fun to plan) that a beautiful marriage is something to celebrate. Not only am I excited for the wedding day, but I am so excited for each and every couple because of their new marriage!! It’s so exciting to me to be a part of something so big, and to be there while two people commit their lives to one another. Marriage is such a beautiful gift we get to enjoy and something that will take us on a journey of growth through our whole lives. For me personally, my marriage is something that I believe pushes me to become more and more like Christ, in every way possible.

To have a way to combine a love of sharing and encouraging marriage is what makes me so excited about what I do!! This is why it makes me SO EXCITED that you as a couple are taking this next step in your lives!! It’s HUGE, and being chosen to celebrate this with so many couples brings me so much joy. This is also why I tend to squeal during portraits on a wedding day and act really excited about everything weddings and photography. It’s because this business of mine brings me such an immense amount of JOY!!

I will always do everything I can to ensure the images I capture are the absolute best, from the perfect lighting to the right angles. However, beyond that, the reason WHY I love shooting wedding days so much runs much deeper. So when you see your images, I want you to know how much of a joy it was for me to capture them and gift them to you. For you to be able to treasure for so many years to come, and to have those memories come back as you look through them is something that is truly life GIVING for me as a photographer and personally. I am incredibly grateful for every couple who chooses to have me document their day and to celebrate day one of their marriage with them.

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