2017 Behind the Scenes

This is one of my FAVORITE blog posts I get to put together! This is my second one every but I think I’ll have to keep it going year after year! ;) 2016 was the first year I did a behind the scenes post and I just love looking back and reflecting on how amazing the past year has been. I am so grateful to have been a part of 25 weddings and so many engagement sessions serving so many bride & grooms!! It’s MIND BLOWING! I am so thankful for how I’ve grown not only as a photographer and business owner, but also as friends with my clients. It’s amazing how my little business of mine impacts my couples in such big ways (God is so good!!) but the funny thing is, they also impact me in some pretty big ways as well. Their friendships and the way they support me encourages me so much. I couldn’t be more grateful! It’s such a gift.

I’m also grateful for all of my second shooters that joined me this year. They do so much behind the scenes on a wedding day that makes every part go so smoothly, I truly mean it when I say I couldn’t do it without them! They not only grab those second angles but make my job 100x easier, which lets me focus even more on providing the best photos possible!! Michael (my husband) is definitely my favorite and joins me at most of my weddings, but I also had Kelsie Anderson, Michelle Staley, Samantha Newman, Anjali McFarland, Katelynn Dow, and Nicole Pasternack come along and second shoot (or assist) me at all my weddings (and for providing all the photos in this post!!) What a blessing it is to know so many others in this industry!! Even though we might be the only “employee” in our own businesses, it’s truly a game changer when you have others doing the same thing alongside you and you can support one another through the different seasons of your business. I loved having each and every one of these ladies join me at my weddings and I love them all dearly!! :)

For this year’s behind the scenes post, I’m also going to use this as an opportunity to walk you through all the things you’ll also get if you hire me as your photographer (in addition to beautiful photos)… :) So let’s get started!

First, I promise to capture every detail beautifully, and probably stand a little awkwardly while I do it…

I will have a LOT OF FUN photographing your mom helping you into your bridal dress… And work those tight getting ready spaces that have the BEST light :)

And I’ll even ooh and ahh over your dress… (wow, this might be slightly embarrassing…)

And sometimes jump in to make sure your veil is on snug.

My awesome second shooters like Kelsie aren’t afraid to jump in as well. Those buttons are tiny!! ;)

We’ll have lots and lots of fun portrait time…

I might get up close every now and then to get those smaller details…

And sometimes, I’ll act as a third wheel, and actually LOVE IT :)

The stool makes an appearance at every wedding… and this year, it gained a name: Sultan. (Beauty and the Beast, anyone? Thank you to my sweet past bride Mira for coming up with the name!)

But occasionally, I forget Sultan at home and have to borrow my second shooter’s. Like below…

I’ll also make you REALLY EXCITED for portraits, and I promise you’ll actually have FUN! :) I’ll bring out the jazz hands too!

And sometimes turn around and look at my second shooters like this because I’m having so much FUN! :)

And I’ll exclaim at how glorious the sunset looks…

I’ll also give you clear direction… I promise I’m NOT bossy, regardless of how this photo looks!! :) Haha!

And I’ll even do crazy things to get the shot… like jump in a lake (but it was WORTH IT. Just look at Maria & Chad’s wedding day portraits!)

And sometimes I’ll jump in a car!

Or do a little landscaping to make the tree look more “natural” in the shot ;)

I even go into stealth ninja mode sometimes… and multitask carrying my stool ;)

My second shooters do it sometimes too… I remember that Kelsie was backing up at an *alarmingly* fast rate:

If I’m your wedding photographer, I will forever fluff your train for every shot…

I’ll fix your hair so there’s no fly aways…

And arrange your flowers so they look perfect!

I’ll keep up with the time, to make sure we’re right on schedule…

I’ve gotten pretty good at corralling groomsmen…

And I get pretty excited during bridesmaids portraits!

I’ll also sometimes try to blend in and look like a bridesmaid… maybe secretly become another one of their BFFs?

Another thing I’ve done a lot of this year is what I’m calling “perching.” Exhibit A… (P.S. this two guys with Lay Films are the bomb videographers!!)

And even perching during details:

Michael decided to try it too! ;)

We will also take lots of test shots, to make sure we get the shot just right…

(me acting like the groom standing up at the ceremony)…

Acting like the groom… again. But also drinking water in those few minutes in between (and am I scared? confused? or just squinting into the sun? Haha)

And I’ll even do a little hair flip sometimes. I promise I’m not as sassy as I look! Haha

Waiting for our bride & groom to arrive, and Michael is good at making me laugh… :)

And hugs are always in order, from a handsome groomsmen at one of my weddings (aka my now husband)…

Or a lot of times, hugs from my sweet brides in the middle of portrait time :)

I promise to photograph every part of your reception and to blend in with your guests…

And now let’s play “Where’s Stephanie?”

My face when someone says “Food” at the reception…

And what we do when the food arrives! :)

And if I’m lucky, I might even snag a photo of myself with the bride & groom. :)

Thank you to all my 2017 couples for making it one of the best years yet! Congratulations to you all, I am truly grateful to have captured each and every wedding!! :)

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