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From the couple:

Stephanie is so real. She is so patient, calm and makes photo taking process, that can sometimes be awkward/long, and makes the experience so relaxed and smooth. It was almost like we were just hanging out with a friend! She laughs easy and is there to help you feel comfortable during not only the whole wedding day/engagement session but also many times throughout your wedding planning process! From the very beginning, I was worried about finding a photographer who was organized enough to make sure our wedding photos stayed on time (so we didn't miss any time with our guests!!) and also most important we didn't miss any photos! Stephanie personally studies your day and your family/friends to meet your specific photography wants and don't wants so she never misses a photo! I am SO glad I chose Stephanie for our wedding photography. Not only for her loving and wanting to be around personality, that took a lot of my nerves and stress away on my wedding day, but LETS TALK ABOUT HER PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS!!!!!! Stephanie has the most wanted photography for any wedding. The editing is so classic, elegant and they are pictures that in 30 years from now, you will pull out your wedding photos and still be just in love with them as you were the first time you saw them. (and seriously, I couldn't contain my excitement when I got my photos from me and my husbands day they are BEYOND PERFECT!!)