6 Months | A Kase of Love

Dear Michael,

Thank you for being my biggest supporter, encourager, and friend through life. The past six months being married to you has been the best six months of my life. You are my cheerleader when I need it, so quick to forgive me, you love me even when I have messy bedhead, and listen to me when I start talking nonstop about all my crazy photography and business ideas. You’re the best for being a great listener. :)

I love waking up with you by my side every day, staying up (way too) late watching The Office, and constantly enjoying your *hilarious* humor. You crack me up and have me laughing every single day (in actuality, every hour). :) Your care and thought for others was one of the first things I loved about you, and still one of my favorite.

I promise I’ll get better at cooking one day… thank you for being so kind and patient with me for my lack of enthusiasm for making meals. (refer to photo below) :)

Watching you be an amazing man of God and getting a front seat to it all is one of the biggest gifts I will ever have. You push me and challenge me in so many ways, and encourage me to grow in my faith. I am especially thankful for that. :) I thank God for you over and over, and consider it a great honor to be your wife. Thank you for being an amazing husband I am incredibly proud of. I have loved growing with you and figuring out life together these past several months.

I love you, Michael! Happy six months of marriage, baby!

Your Wifey, Stephanie

View our wedding day here! 

So grateful for these few quick photos Kelsie Anderson snapped of us in our (first ever) apartment together. I will forever treasure these, in our first little home of ours. Thankful for (super talented) friends of mine who give graciously! They came at the perfect time, too, for our 6 monthiversary since our wedding day. I can’t believe it’s 6 months already, so crazy!! There are more exciting things we did after these few quick shots of us, and I can’t wait to share more! :) Coming SOON!!

If you know anything about me, this mug describes me very well. I don’t especially love cooking, but I am grateful for a husband who is gracious and helps me out. :)

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