How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Hey friends! Today is something that pretty much ANYONE can read… because it’s for anyone who will (or has) attend a wedding! And that’s pretty much all of us, right?! I’m chatting about how to be the best wedding guest you can be when you’re celebrating on the big day!! So here we go!

  1. Put away your phone! ESPECIALLY during the ceremony, and that includes your camera for the ceremony as well! Probably not surprising coming from a photographer, but seriously, this is one of the best things you can do- especially if the bride & groom request it. I’ve photographed wedding ceremonies where at least 10 different guests are using their phone to take a photo of the bride & groom at the alter…. all at one time! This shows in all of the photos from their ceremony, and causes me to have to work around guests phones (and some cameras too). I’ve even had to dodge a guest putting their phone in front of my camera as the bride walks down the aisle! Thankfully, I’ve always been able to get the shot by quickly moving over, but there was still a risk of missing it! Not only will the photographers love you if you put away your phone and leave the pictures to them, but you’ll be fully PRESENT during the ceremony and be able to enjoy the memory a lot more than staring at a screen.
  2. Participate. Everything at the wedding has had MONTHS of planning. That photo booth over there?! Grab whoever you’re with and go use it! The treat table where you can fill a goody bag to take home? Go fill one! The guestbook that’s out to sign? Go sign it! The jar with date ideas for the couple? Fill one out and stick it in! There’s cornhole at the wedding?! Go play a game! All of these things take a lot of effort to put together leading up to the day, and you have no idea how much the couple will appreciate it if you participate in all they planned! Trust me, there would be nothing more disappointing than to see that the guestbook hasn’t been signed by a any guests at the end of the night or that the treat table is still full!
  3. Let the bride and groom come say hi TO you. If they’re quickly walking through the reception or walking back to the ceremony site, let them pass and say your hellos later! Chances are, they have a designated time to come catch up, whether it’s a receiving line after their ceremony or during dinner. Definitely let them (at the very least) finish eating before you approach their table to come say hello. They probably haven’t eaten since breakfast (weddings can be craaazy) :) Trust me, they’re so excited to see you, but let them do that when they’re planning on doing so, so they can finish their food and stick to their timeline! :)
  4. RSVP. Even if you plan on not attending a wedding, let the bride & groom know whether or not you are attending. This is seriously one of the biggest complaints I have heard from brides!! The couple usually has to know by a few weeks beforehand the number of people who plan on attending, so they can let their caterer and venue know (remember, they’re paying for each meal by the head!) So if they reached out to you with an invite, let them know before the deadline whether or not you plan on attending.
  5. Be on time. In fact, plan on being at least 15-20 minutes early to the ceremony! Ceremonies typically start right on time, not a few minutes late- so it’s really important to be a little early! :) You don’t want to be the guest walking in as the bride walks down the aisle!!

Anyone else have any more tips to add?! :) Comment down below and let me know! I’d love to hear what others have to say on this topic!!

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