My Wedding Season Goals for 2017

I know we’re almost half way through the year (what?) but since wedding season JUST started, I think it’s not too late to put this out there! :) Over the past few weeks, I have had 3 main goals that I want to achieve for this year’s wedding season in my business. I believe writing them down and putting them out there will help me to remember them better and keep me more accountable! Here are three things I hope to work on the MOST this year:

  1. Using my 85mm lens more often. I LOVE my 85mm but I tend to use my 50mm a lot more! I want to try using my 85mm lens more often. I think this comes with practicing with it and figuring out WHEN to use it. Because when you do find the perfect time to use it, it’s magic and absolutely stunning!! It can achieve a look that no other lens can. So I want to use this lens more often, and also figure out when the best times are to use it!
  2. Slowing down during portrait time. I naturally tend to go really fast when I’m shooting portraits. While I still want to interact with my clients continuously (because I think this helps them feel a lot more relaxed), I want to slow down a little to ensure I have everything I want to achieve- instead of moving through everything so fast!
  3. Creating wider portraits. I am more drawn to closer and tighter portraits, so I tend to take a lot more of these! This year, I want to be a lot more intentional about ensuring I have nice, wide frames to complement my tighter ones.
  4. I know I said three, but this is one I want to achieve every wedding season: Being intentional about serving my couples first. This is something that has been so important to me from day one in my business. I aim to ensure my couples feel like they are my #1 priority on a wedding day, and that they feel an overwhelming sense of value and feel served on their wedding day (and throughout their whole experience). This is something I continually want for my business and definitely want to continue!

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