Why the Apple Watch is a Game Changer for Wedding Professionals & Photographers

I bought my Apple Watch towards the end of the wedding season this year and I wish I had bought it SOONER!!! I knew it was going to be so helpful, but I am so glad I made the jump before the wedding season wrapped up. There are so many things it’s so great for in the whirlwind of a wedding day, and allows me to stay up to date on communication, timeline, weather, etc.!! You basically have access to view most things that are on your iPhone, which is incredible!!

I ended up purchasing the Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm in silver and I LOVE IT!!! :) Besides the obvious benefits of having a watch on you during a wedding, here are FAVORITE things about my Apple Watch for wedding days and why it’’s a game changer for any wedding professional:

1. Instant access to the timeline. On your Apple Watch, you can quickly view anything you’ve put on your Calendar and even get alerts. Before a wedding day, I’ll input the timeline into my Calendar (either from my iPhone or MacBook).

I create a new “event” for everything that’s happening (details, getting ready, first look, portraits, ceremony, etc.) and I tell it to alert me 5 minutes before each event starts. My Apple Watch will buzz on my wrist when the alerts go off. That way, if I’m in the middle of portrait time and forget to stop to see the time, it will buzz me 5 minutes before I’m supposed to wrap up. Or, it will alert me 5 minutes before the ceremony start time, if I’m still running around trying to wrap up some pictures… I know to head to the front pronto!

It’s also so convenient to be able to flip my wrist and see what time the first looks is supposed to start, or the ceremony start time, or anything else! So much quicker than getting out a piece of paper!!

2. Knowing when you receive texts & calls. I am SO BAD at checking my phone on a wedding day… mostly because I think it looks unprofessional to have a phone out in front of the wedding party & guests, but also because I just forget in the rush of the day!! This was a big problem when my second shooters would try to text me from the getting ready suite next door (when they’re with the guys) and I didn’t respond to anything. Or if a bridesmaid tries to call… or the videographer… or we’re trying to coordinate the first look, and I forget to have my phone out… so many scenarios!! My Apple Watch buzzes my wrist every time I get a text or call, that way I know someone is trying to reach me. If it’s important, I know to head to my phone to respond! You can also do quick responses on the watch, like Yes, No, Sounds Good, etc. (You can also type out more specific/longer responses but it takes a bit more effort, so I just grab my phone if I need to). What a lifesaver!!

3. Having a family formals list easily accessible. I’ve only tried this at a couple of weddings so far but it’s actually worked REALLY well! :) I use the “Reminders” section (again, you can input this beforehand on your iPhone or Macbook and it will sync) to create a family formals checklist. I just open it up on my Apple Watch, and can run through the list so quickly! It’s nice to not have to fiddle with a piece of paper! This becomes more difficult for longer lists but I have loved it!!

4. Knowing the weather. With a couple taps, you can find out the weather forecast for the day!!! How helpful is THAT?! It’s so great to know, especially if there’s a chance of rain, you’ll want to keep up on whether or not the rain is holding up and how that will affect things!

5. Knowing sunset time. This is especially important for photographers, but I love being able to flick up my wrist and remind myself of when the sun sets. Bride & groom sunset portraits are some of my FAVORITE to capture, and even though we plan it into the timeline in advance, I still like to have a gauge on what the actual sunset time is- just in case I need to take them out earlier or later, depending on how the light is doing.

There are many more benefits, but these are just a few! It also tracks your steps, check emails, and the model I have is waterproof (you can actually swim with it!). I never have any issues with the battery running out, I always have at least 50% left after using it all day at a wedding. I purchased mine refurbished from Apple.com, and you can also buy older versions that bring down the price that work just as well!! :) I bought my leather wristband for $10 on Amazon, but it does come with a white band, so you don’t have to buy an extra band if you don’t want to. Doesn’t get much better than that!!

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