Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives & Photographers

The holidays are just around the corner, and maybe you’re trying to figure out a gift for a creative business owner or photographer… that’s where this post comes in! :) As a photographer and small business owner myself, here is a list I’ve compiled that I believe would make some of the best gifts for that creative person in your life:

1. Spektrum glasses. I personally don’t have these, but I hear from so many creatives they are an AMAZING investment!! They are glasses you wear while you’re staring at a screen (because when you run a business, the reality is, you’re on your computer for 90% of your work day). They help to reduce strain on your eyes, so if a creative you love is having eye issues because of the computer, I highly recommend considering these! :)

2. Gift card for a massage. Okay, seriously. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this… especially photographers. Massages are one of the BEST things ever, because holding cameras for hours tends to make our shoulders super tight!

3. Mugs. If you should know one thing about working from home, it’s the endless amounts of coffee. Or if you’re like me, chai lattes. :) So mugs are definitely a necessity and used routinely. TJ Maxx, Target, Etsy, and Home Goods are where I’ve gotten some of my favorites (anything related to Boss Lady or Editing are a win!). Yeah, my husband Michael and I have a whole hutch full of mugs. We’re obsessed. ;) Another favorite I’ve seen (but have yet to own) is a mug from Jenna Kutcher– a little reminder to give yourself lots of grace, something all business owners need a reminder of daily.

4. Bath bombs, face masks, and lotions. Speaking for myself (and I’m sure most other creative business owners), we often put our own health and relaxation at the very, very bottom of our to-do list. It seems like such a simple thing to give, yet if someone gives me something like this, it MAKES me stop and actually take a break and do something for myself, like take a bath or relax while I do a face mask! :)

5. Lipsense lipstick. I have photographer friends who use this lipstick and LOVE IT! I’m personally not a huge lipstick wearer, but I’m actually thinking about getting a couple shades of this. The fact I’m thinking about it is huge, guys. ;) It lasts all day long (like on a wedding day!) and doesn’t smear at all! I’ve tried it a couple times and it’s seriously incredible- this stuff doesn’t move unless you take a lot of makeup remover to it (and even then, you have to scrub at it, haha). If you know a lipstick lover, this will be a win! If you don’t know anyone who sells these, I can connect you with someone who does!

6. Starbucks gift card (or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop). After awhile, working from home all day long (especially if you’re full time) can feel a little isolating, so a favorite thing to do for small business owners is to work out of their favorite coffee shop! You can’t go wrong with a gift card to their favorite place to work. :)

7. The Mrs. Box. This one really only applies to wedding photographers and calligraphers, but there’s something about these that just make us drool. We love using them to style on wedding days, and just for fun. Seriously, they’re so fun to have!! I also have gotten one from TheFamilyJoolz on Etsy if you’re looking for an alternative!

8. The book How to Win Friends & Influence People. I haven’t read this in forever, so I really should go back and reread it- but it is so, so good, no matter what creative field you are in. So many good principles about creating real friendships and relationships with people, and things that make people trust you and know that you genuinely care. It’s a great business book but also a great LIFE book!!

9. Printable Wisdom’s Calligraphy Starter Kit. If the creative you know is interested in getting into calligraphy, this is an amazing starter kit!! :) I used it myself  when starting calligraphy and I LOVED IT! It comes with a couple of pens, a book teaching you how to write all the letters and different words, and so much more!

10. Eleventh Candles. Remember how I mentioned we tend to work from home a lot? :) Candles are another favorite thing to have a lot of for those long work days. Elefventh candles have been one of my favorite things to gift, not only to my clients, but to friends as well! They support the fight against human trafficking, which I LOVE, and they are based in Columbus, Ohio. Not to mention, they have the most beautiful scents. Shop locally and grab a few candles from them! :)

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