What to Wear for Engagement Session Photos: Outfit Ideas

Hey bride-to-be! You might be wondering how in the world you should put together an outfit for an engagement session… let alone, one for your fiance as well that goes with yours really well! Today I’m sharing my top 5 tips for choosing the perfect outfits. These should get you started in the right directions and give you some ideas (although I can way more in depth in my bridal magazine all of my couples receive after booking- so if you’re a new Stephanie Brann Couple, look out for it in the mail soon!).

1. Wear more neutral colors. You definitely don’t want to have too much color going on, because there’s a big risk of the colors clashing! You also don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, but wear mostly neutral colors and give a little pop of color on one person or the other! For example, the guy can wear a navy button down and gray pants, and the girl can wear a pink dress- the pink gives it a little more color than navy and gray! Pastels look absolutely beautiful in photos, especially with more nature-esque backgrounds- so I always recommend wearing more light colors and pastels, because they photograph so beautifully. But if you LOVE color, then let your personality show through and go for it!! :)

2. Have only one person or the other wear a pattern. For example, the guy could wear all solid colors, and the girl could wear a plaid scarf with a solid colored dress. Or the guy can wear a checkered button down, while the girl can wear a single color! If you do mix patterns, make sure one pattern is more subtle & “smaller” than the other, so that it goes well!

3. Think about the details! For girls, think chunky necklaces, earrings, bracelets, even watches and cute shoes take an outfit to a whole new level. For guys, watches, bowties, and a nice pair of oxfords look amazing and tie an outfit together really well! P.S. Your ring is going to be photographed a LOT during your engagement session, so give yourself permission to get it cleaned so it’s nice and shiny! :)

4. Dress it up. I typically encourage my couples to have one outfit they might wear on date night (think: sundress, nice jeans & blouse, jeans and button down, etc), and one outfit that’s dressy (a long maxi dress, heels, slacks with button down tucked in, tie or bowtie, etc). Don’t be afraid to dress up for your session! As long as your comfortable, you’ll feel amazing and will love feeling a little more done up than usual! :) Have you always wanted to wear a tulle skirt, a floral crown, or a sequined gown?! Go for it!! I love how one of my brides, Abby, did this below!

5. Lastly, be comfortable. If you’re trying to decide between two different outfits, go with the one that makes you feel the MOST confident and comfortable. I would much rather you wear something that feels more like yourself, than be worrying the whole time if you actually look good! :) Rock what you love and what makes you feel like a million dollars!

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