How to Have the Perfect Sparkler Exit

Hey bride-to-be! I’m sharing today on my top tips to have an AMAZING sparkler exit! :) After photographing so many (and having one at my own wedding!)

1. Buy LONG sparklers!! Not only do these look absolutely incredible in photos, they last for 3-4 minutes, giving you PLENTY of time to light them all and walk down! The ones I used for my own wedding were HERE from (photo from our wedding below). We had almost all of our 100 guests stay for our exit and we were able to run up and down a couple of times! It was the best!! Even if you have way more guests, these will totally work for you too! I highly HIGHLY recommend them!

Photo below from our own wedding using these sparklers. Photo by the wonderful KariMe Photography!

2. Think about the timing! Maybe you’re planning to party until midnight, which is an absolute BLAST to celebrate all night long- but in reality, most of your guests will probably leave before then (besides the ones who love dancing the night away :)). Michael and I wanted a short reception anyway, so our exit was at 9:30, just 3 hours after our reception officially started.

If you are completely okay with only having some guests be a part of it, that is completely and totally okay! :) I think most brides just don’t realize how many people will leave early. If want more guests to be a part of it, you could always do an “exit” at 9 or 10, then you can keep partying and hanging out with friends afterward!

Another thing I’ll do with my couples for photo’s is do a “fake exit”, so you can have it captured! If you plan to go ahead and party and do the exit late in the night, often times, photography coverage ends long before the exit happens. So instead of having my couples pay for 3-4 more hours of coverage, we’ll gather their bridal party + close family and grab some “sparkler exit” photos before we head out! :) No one will ever know!

Fake exit from one of my couples’ weddings below! :) 

3. Take it all in. Give yourselves the freedom to walk slowly, look around at all your guests, and take it all in! It’s the final moments of your wedding day, so don’t feel like you have to rush walking down!

4. Kiss, dip & kiss, twirl, have your groom swoop you up- do whatever feels natural! If nothing else, I always encourage my couples to stop about half way and kiss. It makes for the most stunning photos!

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