For Brides: Why I Don’t Ask For a Shot List

Hello bride-to-be! :) I am really excited to share on this topic today and why I feel so strongly about it! I am commonly asked if I need a shot list for every single shot I need to capture at a couple’s wedding day. Being a future bride myself, I totally understand why a bride would think that!! You have so many pictures in mind that you want, so giving your photographer a shot list should be the best way to ensure they’re all captured… right?!

Before I go on, I want to make a note that the one part of a wedding day I actually ENCOURAGE a shot list is for family formals… a shot list CAN make this part of the do go so much more smoothly! :)

Here is of the biggest case I’ll make for NOT giving your photographer a shot list. When I’ve attended weddings where I have a shot list for every part of the day (when I typically only need one for family formals), it typically makes me more worried about the photos that are on the list, and I miss GENUINE moments that are happening right in front of me. I miss them because I am either flipping through the shot list to make sure I’ve captured everything, or am trying to capture a certain shot… when something else that’s very important is happening right in front of me that I’m not paying attention to. It’s always so sad to look up and miss something because I am distracted by a shot list!

Secondly, whenever I am asked this question, I always ensure my couples I take the same typical shots at every wedding- and probably WAY more than you could ever dream of. While you’re getting ready, I promise I will capture detail photos, you getting into your dress, your mom getting into your dress, your bridesmaids reacting, you putting your shoes and jewelry on, and your final touches of makeup. During portraits, I will always capture a multitude of bride & groom photos, a variety of bridal party photos, photos of just the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and each member of the bridal party with the bride or groom. I promise I will capture every part of your ceremony, from walking down the aisle, his reaction, exchanging rings, vows, and your first kiss. This continues for every aspect of your day, and after shooting wedding after wedding, I have the SAME types of photos I always take and never fail to forget. :) There is a LOT that goes into it, but that’s why I am happy to serve you by shooting your wedding, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that I will get it all for you!

Of course, if there are a few photos that are EXTRA important (maybe you’re really close with your mom, so you would love a quick portrait with her right after you put your dress on), then of course I would love to know! I am happy to take a few requests. However, I would simply encourage you to remember that giving your photographer that freedom is crucial. There are WAY more shots to take than you could ever anticipate… and there will always be more than you could ever put on a shot list. The freedom you give will actually result in photos that more accurately reflect your wedding day and how it genuinely unfolded.


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