For Brides: How to Make Family Formals Go Quickly

Hey brides! Today I’m sharing the number one way I ensure family formals at my couples’ weddings go very quickly and efficiently.
The best way I do this is to ensure we have a SHOT LIST for the family formals, and that the list doesn’t contain more than 15-18 combinations. I have created a list that works really well, which starts with the biggest groups, then “peels” people away until we get down to the very smallest groups. About two months before a wedding, I send all of my couples an online questionnaire that contains information about the family formals shot list. Family formals is actually the ONLY part of the day I have a shot list for, and I actually think it is CRUCIAL to have! Not only does it make these photos go more smoothly, but everyone is on the same page as far as what photos to capture.
I use the list below as my recommended photos. I can typically capture all of these in 20 minutes or less, and I highly encourage my bride and grooms to not add more than 3-4 photos to this list. If they do, we usually opt to take them at the reception because of time. :)
Once you’ve given your photographer a shot list and you’re both on the same page, the last step is to relax and let them take control the day of! :) Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to expect for this part of the day and how to plan for it!
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