#1 Thing to Carry in Your Bag on a Wedding Day

During a wedding day, I almost always have my side bag on me. The #1 thing I’ve always carried on me is… BOBBY PINS! You would think it’d be a big deal, but think about it… here are a few situations I’ve been in before:

Scenario 1: the bride is about to get ready to walk down the aisle, but she has pieces of hair falling out. The getting ready location is different from the ceremony location, and no one though to bring any hair supplies. It’s all left at the last spot. But all they need to do is ask me, and bam! I have one for them! :) (This has happened to me!)

Scenario 2: Typically for bridesmaids hairstyles, they are only held in by dozens of bobby pins. Sometimes, they just don’t hold everything up. Right before we are getting ready for photos, they desperately need some, and no one brought any… but because I have a whole bunch, they can all fix their hair! :) (This has eally happened to me too!)

Seriously, it almost sounds kinda silly, but people just cannot BELIEVE that I would think to carry bobby pins on me! And they love it!! I highly recommend considering carrying some on you as well. :)

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